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Published on December 7, 2018

About the show: Since the beginning of time, man has played ballgames. The round shape has been an inspiration to a countless number of games. So as Caveman Bob sees Caveman Als ball, he is fast to invent soccer. Unfortunately there is some important differences between Als massive stoneball and a inflated leather football.

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About the Show:
An extremely funny dialogue-free stone-age animated comedy for all the family. Each episode takes off with the invention of a specific object or idea that we use in our everyday life. At the time it was invented it must have been a milestone along the bumpy road of development. Like the invention of the football, fire, wheel, fitness, love, flushing toilets and much more. We watch some of the difficulties the inventors may have met before the right idea appeared, with hilarious results! We see one or two of the wrong turns that a good invention could have taken. The episodes are set a number of years before invention was perfected. Eg. the wheel has not quite found the right shape yet and some of the originalos people can not see any use for the soup plate. They may not all be scientifically proven facts but the ORIGINALOS? will give you a great laugh, and maybe an idea or two!

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Originalos: 21007 years Before Soccer

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Originalos: 21007 years Before Soccer
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