Old MacDonald had a Farm – Remix Version | Nursery Rhymes Collection by HooplaKidz51:48

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Published on December 21, 2018

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▶Title Videos : Old MacDonald had a Farm – Remix Version | Nursery Rhymes Collection by HooplaKidz .
▶▶Duration : 51:48 .
▶▶▶Published at : 2017-04-21 06:05:57 .
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Description : Old MacDonald had a Farm – Remix Version and more Kids Song & Nursery Rhymes Collection by HooplaKidz | SUBSCRIBE to HooplaKidz http://bit.ly/HooplaKidzSubscribe | Enjoy the popular kids songs and nursery rhymes collection.

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00:00) Old MacDonald Remix
(02:09) Car Song
(04:52) Bath Song
(07:00) Theme song
(08:18) Twinkle New
(10:31) 3 little kittens
(13:22) If your happy you know it (new)
(15:08) WOB Adventures
(18:14) Rock a by baby (new)
(20:25) Mary had a little lamb (new)
(21:42) Balloon FF
(22:58) Sound of the animals
(26:23) 5 little ducks
(28:44) Bus FF
(29:41) Animal Fair
(31:24) Bee FF
(33:41) Penguin Song
(35:12) 12345 Once i caught a fish alive
(36:24) TweedleDum
(37:35) Wee willie winki
(39:25) This is the house that jack built
(42:21) 5 little speckled frogs (slow version)
(45:30) Mr. Sun
(48:13) London Bridge
(50:10) Wise old Owl

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