Monster in a Box: Just Add Water01:03

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Published on December 7, 2018

A woman follows the simple instructions to bring her monster to life, adding a single drop of water to it. Unimpressed by the result, she adds more water. A lot more.

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About the show: Monster in a Box comes down to one simple equation. 1 monster + 1 unsuspecting dupe = chaotic fun.
With a touch of The Far Side and just a little Monty Python, these shorts are chock full of absurdity, irreverence and fun. Produced for Teletoon in Canada, each short has no dialogue (expect for odd fart, sneeze or groan) and one unique Monster poised in a box just waiting for that special someone to open up and look inside.
Who knows what will happen!

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Monster in a Box: Just Add Water

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Monster in a Box: Just Add Water
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