Mary Had A Little Lamb | Part 3 | Songs for Babies by HooplaKidz| 2 Hrs+1:59:58

Published on December 21, 2018

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▶Title Videos : Mary Had A Little Lamb | Part 3 | Songs for Babies by HooplaKidz| 2 Hrs+ .
▶▶Duration : 1:59:58 .
▶▶▶Published at : 2016-07-20 06:34:29 .
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Mary had a little lamb and more baby songs for children to learn with HooplaKidz classic nursery rhymes.

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Baby Songs Track List

(00:08) Mary had a little lamb (new)

(01:24) ) Twinkle twinkle little star (new)

(03:29) Old macdonald had a farm

(06:20) Bingo song

(08:27) Baa baa black sheep

(09:17) A sailor went to sea

(10:26) Simple simon

(11:38) Head Shoulders knees and toes

(12:39)) Humpty dumpty (new)

(13:51) Three little kittens

(16:42) Wheels on the bus(green bus)

(19:01) If your are happy and you know it (new)

(20:47) Five little ducks (new)

(23:08) Five little monkeys (new)

(24:53) Rig a jig jig

(26:20) Ten in the bed

(28:03) Ten little Indians

(20:00) The animals went in two by two

(33:59) The grand old duke of york

(34:56) The hokey pokey song

(36:18) One potato two potato

(37:18) One two buckle my shoe

(37:41) Five little speckled frogs

(40:23) Its raining its pouring

(41:16) Itsy bitsy spider

(42:55) She’ll be coming round the mountain

(45:30) The ear went over the mountain

(46:44) This old man

(49:34) Wheels on the bus(Red bus)

(51:50) Where is thumbkin

(54:11) Yankee doodle went to town

(56:06) Zoom zoom zoom we are going to the moon

(57:15) As i was going to st.Ives

(57:48)) A tisket a tasket

(58:58) A wise old owl

(59:39) Cobbler Cobbler

(01:00:43) Curly Locks

(01:01:17) Farmer in the dell

(01:03:18) He’s jolly good fellow

(01:04:47) Hey Diddle Diddle

(01:05:55) Hot cross buns

(01:06:55) Humpty Dumpty

(01:08:20) I had a little nut tree

(01:09:33) I had a little turtle

(01:11:03) I hear thunder

(01:12:35) I’m a little teapot

(01:13:25) I saw a ship sailing

(01:14:53) I’ve been working on the railroad

(01:16:03) Jack and Jill

(01:17:34) Jelly on a plate

(01:19:23) Kitty cat kitty cat

(01:20:21) Little peter rabbit

(01:21:50) London Bridge is falling down
(01:23:47) Mary had a little lamb (original)

(01:25:08) Miss Polly had a dolly

(01:26:19) Mix A Pancake

(01:28:10) Mr.sun

(01:30:53) Muffin Man

(01:32:02) My bonnie lies over the ocean

(01:35:09) Oranges and lemons

(01:36:32) Pat a cake

(01:37:22) Polly Put the Kettle on

(01:38:56) Pop goes the weasel

(01:39:47) Rain on the green grass

(01:40:41) Round and round the garden

(01:42:15) Rain rain go away

(01:45:57) Ringa ringa roses

(01:47:22) Sing a song of six pence

(01:49:18) Star light star bright

(01:50:41) Ten green botttles

(01:54:25) Little miss muffet

(01:55:34) Lavenders blue

(01:57:29) Rock a bye baby

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