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Published on November 28, 2018

This compilation is the collection of Best of Popular Nursery Rhymes that your babies will love and will make them smile, laugh, giggle and sing out loud! Have a HOOPLA Time with our Special Collection of Rhymes.

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There was Mr. Cat just sitting
On a roof up high he goes
Mara meow meow meow
On a roof up high below the sky

He just got mailed a letter
Asking if he’d get married
Mara meow meow meow
So he got very excited

Wedded to a lovely cat lady,
Neice of a big grumpy cat
Mara meow meow meow
He was a little scared of that

He got happy and excited
That he slipped and fell off the roof
Mara meow meow meow
He was so in love and quite aloof

The Dr. said he broke seven ribs,
And his tail and other bones
Mara meow meow meow
He was in pain but didn’t groan

They are taking him away
Through the fish street
Mara Mara meow meow meow
Smelling the fresh fish he loved to eat

With the stinky smell of sardines
Mr. Cat has come back to life
Mara meow meow meow
That is how Mr Cat survived

That is why people say
A cat has seven lives
Mara meow meow meow
Mr Cat wedded his pretty wife.

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Don Gato – Mr Cat’s Love Song | Kids Songs by HooplaKidz

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Don Gato – Mr Cat’s Love Song | Kids Songs by HooplaKidz
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