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Published on September 26, 2018

The most beautiful animated songs for kids compilation: “Buzz Buzz Buzz” and many more nursery rhymes!

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0:06 Buzz Buzz Buzz (The Bee Song)
1:39 Mary Had A Little Lamb: https://goo(.gl)/c9ZifV
3:24 Wash Your Hands: https://goo(.gl)/W9MwSq
5:13 Happy Birthday: https://goo(.gl)/3DNISO
6:52 Five Little Ducks: https://goo(.gl)/lr9LKQ
8:34 Bingo: https://goo(.gl)/juFt8R
11:17 Old MacDonald Had A Farm: http://goo(.gl)/EgCfI3
14:22 If You’re Happy And You Know It: http://goo(.gl)/jCmnkh
15:37 The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round: https://goo(.gl)/e7aKHT
17:58 Row Row Row Your Boat: https://goo(.gl)/Bmo1WC
19:39 Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall: https://goo(.gl)/jY86c4
21:10 Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle: https://goo(.gl)/G6wMZp
23:58 A Ram Sam Sam: https://goo(.gl)/qg3VNe
25:53 Johny Johny Yes Papa: https://goo(.gl)/r3vRnc
27:24 Rain Rain Go Away: https://goo(.gl)/u7fFvg
29:22 The Little Boat: https://goo(.gl)/sFzLt4
31:16 Are You Sleeping? Brother John: https://goo(.gl)/VixoLn
33:05 The Crocodile Song: https://goo(.gl)/d3UviN
35:42 The Wolf: https://goo(.gl)/n5PU3k
37:53 The Finger Family: https://goo(.gl)/NytSrZ
39:06 Six Little Ducks: https://goo(.gl)/nq91vC
40:24 Incy Wincy Spider: http://goo(.gl)/QUyPFK

Buzz Buzz Buzz lyrics

Buzz buzz buzz
Little honey bee
You can buzz around for hours
Flying in and out of flowers
Buzz buzz buzz
Little honey bee

Buzz buzz buzz
Little honey bee
You’re so busy, making honey
In the meadow where it’s sunny
Buzz buzz buzz
Little honey bee

Buzz buzz buzz
Little honeybee
In the hive your friends are singing
Of the nectar you are bringing
Buzz buzz buzz
Little honeybee

Buzz Buzz Buzz:
Ari Viz Viz Viz: https://www(.youtube).com/watch?v=W6Lwi…
Zum Zum Zum: https://www(.youtube).com/watch?v=2BqZk…
Albinuta Mea: https://www(.youtube).com/watch?v=_-cyO…

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Buzz Buzz Buzz – The Bee Song for children 🐝HeyKids

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Buzz Buzz Buzz – The Bee Song for children 🐝HeyKids
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