Walk In The Snow Song With Matt | Action Song for Children | Learn English Kids

Published on December 6, 2016 by tubikids

Join Matt in this fun walk through the snow! Matt sees some footprints in the snow, and wonders what they could be? It could be from a wild animal! Oh, no! Be careful. Learn some fun baby animal names along the walk and see real footage of a kitty (baby cat) and puppy (baby dog) and a polar bear. Is there a surprise at the end for Matt? Let’s see!

Song Lyrics:
I’m walking in the snow
I’m walking in the snow
I’m a little bit scared because
I don’t know
What are those footprints in the snow?
I hear something, Ahhh!
It’s a cute little kitty
(repeat above with cute little puppy, cute little bird, and polar bear)

Original Song written and recorded by Matt. Song and video copyright Dream English.

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