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Published on August 26, 2016 by tubikids

Fizzling Fireboxes! Flying Scotsman assembled a team of Sodor’s bravest steam engine’s and diesel’s to stop Diesel’s evil plan to take away all the coal on Sodor. But devious Diesel tricked Flying Scotsman and trapped him on the mainland! Can Thomas, Yong Bao and Oliver and Toad escape the collapsing coal mine and save Sodor?

Sodor’s Finest is all-new four episode series from the Thomas Creator Collective!

Directed by: Enterprisingengine93, TheTrainModeller, Sidekickjason
Executive Producer: Eric De Cordova
Associate Producer: Matt Michaud (Enterprisingengine93)
Story by: DieselD199, Eric De Cordova, & Enterprisingengine93
Screenplay by: DieselD199
Edited by: Enterprisingengine93 & TheTrainModeller
Animation: Wylie (Forrest) Queenan (WideSquare Films) & Jadan Di Stefano
Yong Bao Custom Modelling: Dieter of Wong Village (Trackmaster) & Trainnedassassin (HO scale)
Music by: Ben Goldman, Adam Guzik (Tines Sensahthe), UpsideNow, The Tuggster Intensifies & Kiran Dhoot.
Yong Bao: Tian Wang
Diesel: Adam Guzik (Tines Sensahthe)
Butch: Luca Dollar

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