Panda Finger Family | Funny Panda Song | Five Cute Pandas Nursery Rhymes Collection by HooplaKidz

Published on May 13, 2017 by tubikids

The cutest funniest little Pandas are here!!! Five Funny Panda singing our favorite Nursery Rhyme, Finger Family, along with a super cute collection of Nursery Rhymes for Kids!!!
Lazy Panda! Clumsy Panda! Hungry Panda! Cool Panda! Pretty Panda, all are here in the Panda Town!!! 🙂

The Nursery Rhymes Collection –

(00:00) Panda Finger family

(01:17) Robot Finger Family

(03:20) Car Song

(06:04) Bath song

(08:12) Annie Ben and Mango Theme Song

(09:13) Wheels on the Bus Red

(11:47) Three Little Kittens

(14:38) Five Little Ducks

(17:01) 12345 Once I caught a Fish alive

(18:14) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

(20:26) Bus Finger Family

(21:23) Balloons Finger Family

(22:38) If You’re Happy and you know it

(24:23) Ten in the Bed

(26:15) Humpty Dumpty

(27:31) Mary had a Little Lamb

(28:48) Head Shoulders Knees

(31:15) Rock a bye baby Vampire

(33:26) Wheels on the Bus Adventures

(36:33) Simple Simon

(38:45) She’ll be coming round the mountain

(41:20) Rig a Jig Jig

(43:03) I had a little Turtle

(44:35) This is the house that jack built

(47:31) To Market to Market

(49:03) Five Little Monkeys

(51:16) Rain Rain Go away

(54:57) Animal Fair

(56:31) ABC Song with Mango

(58:02) Hush Little Baby


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