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Published on July 12, 2016 by tubikids

Children love their trucks and no one can resist a cool monster truck with funky wheels and spunky stunts. They are just expert and wonderful while they stunt around in the jungles or on the roads, let there be sand or let it be just sloppy roads, they are so amazing and too good. stick to the monster truck and other vehicles video and enjoy the rides.Stay addicted to Kids Channels Monster Truck series!

00:00 Monster Truck
02:02 Tug of War
04:09 Sports Car
07:31 Jeep VS Sports Car
09:28 Scary Police Car VS Scary Monster Truck
11:43 School Bus Monster Truck VS Fire Monster Truck
13:49 Police Car VS Sports Bike
15:38 Sports Car VS Racing Car
17:30 Army Truck VS Garbage Truck
19:15 Tow Truck VS Police Car
21:38 Tow Truck VS Bus
23:08 Sports Car Monster Truck VS Sports Bike
25:01 Taxi Car Wash
26:46 Things in the Sky
29:20 Fire Truck Car Wash

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