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Published on April 25, 2017 by tubikids

It’s raining Pizza! Help Matt order toppings for the Magic Pizza! Magic Pizza toppings fall from the sky onto the pizza when you say two times, ” I want pepperoni” and other toppings. But be careful! Tunes might ask for something funny like a spider, or snake. Oh no! Will the pizza be safe? Watch to find out! Learn vegetable names like onions, and mushrooms. Lyrics below:

Original Song by Matt.

Magic, magic pizza
Yummy magic pizza
What do you want on your pizza?

I want cheese
I want pepperoni
And I want spiders
Spiders? No!

I want mushrooms
I want onions
And I want snakes
Snakes? No!

I want sausage
I want green peppers
And I want beetles
Beetles? No!

Song written and recorded by Matt, with background vocals from the Dream English Kids singers. Video and song copyright Dream English.

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