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Published on August 26, 2016 by tubikids

The Halloween Songs want to make a scary nursery rhyme collection. The Naughty Ghost In My House wants to create mischief in there! So do the The Five Little Monsters. The Spider In My Shoe has popped out hearing the call of his eerie friends. The 3D Ghosts Finger Family are ready to scare their way into any scary rhyme compilation always! Jack O Lantern wants to know if the spooks will recognize him. He’ll come, too. The Zombie Finger Family has been called in to serve the creepies by walking around. The Black Cat Finger Family are sharpening their tiny claws for the occasion. The Five Naughty Ghosts have promised to come in through the walls. You babies should drop by as well… We mean play the scary baby song compilation for a nice Halloween treat!

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