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Published on September 21, 2016 by tubikids

What time of the year gets kids excited the most? If your answer is the time leading up to their birthday, then you’re absolutely right. Birthdays spell gifts, games, surprises, parties, dance, play and a whole lote of fun and excitement for children. And, there’s a rhyme to complement the same; the happy birthday song. This song for kids may not be among the classic nursery rhymes (played only on the special day for toddlers and not sung on a daily basis) but it is of considerable importance nonetheless. It helps spread joy and happiness. As when this music is played aloud, for a little baby it marks the time to blow the candles and cut the cake and hear everyone around cheering, singing and wishing them a very happy birthday! Also, its the moment that make birthdays that much more special; to collect their presents!
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