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Published on February 5, 2017 by tubikids

Hi! Here is Gelarti Designer Studio Paint and Decorate Peel Off Foil Stickers.
Make a shimmering world on your windows, lockers, and more.
Gelarti Foils is the fun way to paint and create your own reusable shimmering stickers. Use the special Gelarti paint to bring them to life. Once they’re dry, decorate windows, lockers, cellphone, tablet and more…

Gelarti Designer Studio Includes:
1 Gelarti Designer Studio
4 Gelarti paint pens
6 Gelarti foil sticker sheets
3D accessories
1 marbling tool
Instructional booklet

06:42 Hi! Here is Hello Kitty Crystal Creation Kit – Hello Kitty Rhinestone Maker Machine.
How to Use:
Choose your pattern and put the translucent pad on top of the artwork guide.
Use the sticky pen, place the rhinestones on top of the translucent pad following the pattern.
Tear off an adhesive label and put it on top of the paper frame.
Place the frame with label on top of the translucent pad.
Open the back door of Hello Kitty machine and insert the frame into the rhinestone maker machine at the entrance.
Pull the glue tape out from the exit.
Peel of the glue tape carefully and now the rhinestones are glued. Place the frame on the desired surface and press the rhinestones to stick on it.

Hello Kitty Crystal Creation Kit Includes:
Rhinestone maker machine
Sticky pen
Adhesive sheet
Artwork guide
Pick up pen
Glue tape
Translucent pad
Paper frame
Glue tape cover
Enjoy your Hello Kitty Crystal Creation Kit!

11:40 Hi! Here is Monster High Ghoul’s Alive Frankie Stein and Jane Boolittle by Mattel.
Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. She sparks and makes voltageous sounds. Frankie Stein of Monster High is an inexhaustible supply of positive energy and encouragement for other ghouls at Monster High.
It’s a scary cool way to play.
Monster High – Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.

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