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Published on May 23, 2017 by tubikids

Sing the Fire Truck song with Matt and learn how to say red, yellow, pink, green and more colors in English! Is that a fruit covered fire truck? What? Be sure to sing along, and stick around for more songs about vehicles and fire trucks! Full lyrics below!

Song List:
1. Fire Truck Song for Children (New Song!)
2. Emergency Vehicles Finger Family Song
3. First Words: Fire Truck
4. Places and Vehicle Song
5. What Do You Hear? Song – Fire Trucks and Superheroes.

Fire Truck (repeats)
red fire truck, yellow fire truck, pink fire truck, green fire truck
A fruit covered fire truck? What?
Fire Truck (repeats)
purple fire truck, orange fire truck, blue fire truck, brown fire truck
A food covered fire truck? What?

Fire Truck is an original song written and recorded by Matt. Please visit for free song downloads to teach English to children

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