Driving In My Car Song | The Little Red Car Song | Original Kids Songs by HooplaKidz

Published on March 17, 2017 by tubikids

ANNIE Loves to drive her Car through the Town! Kids Sing a long to the Car Song with Annie Ben and Mango on HooplaKidz!

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Track List
00:00 Car Song
02:44 Bath Song
04:52 Annie, Ben and Mango Theme song
06:14 Wheels of the bus
08:31 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
10:44 School Bus song
14:26 Balloon Finger Family
15:42 3 little kittens
18:34 5 little ducks
20:57 If your happy and you know it
22:30 Fruit Finger Family
24:21 Simple Simon
26:34 Rig a jig jig
28:17 5 little monkeys
30:30 I’ve been working on the railroad
32:50 She’ll be coming round the mountain
35:25 Tweedledee dum
36:36 Grand old duke of York
38:18 Mary had a little lamb
39:44 Old mac Donald
42:43 12345
43:57 My dog ben
47:02 Bee finger family
47:59 10 green bottles
51:43 Rain on the green grass
52:38 One potato two potatoe
54:20 I hear thunder
55:53 Jelly on a plate
57:43 Miss polly
58:54 Poly put the kettle on

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