Cra-Z-Sand Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid Doll Barbie Pearl Princess Baby Alive Dolls

Published on February 4, 2017 by tubikids

Kids’ Toys Compilation
Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid Doll Ocean Seabreeze and Pet
Barbie Pearl Princess Mermaid Doll from the DVD Barbie the Pearl Princess
Cra-Z-Sand Space Playset & Cra-Z-Sand Mermaid Playset
Baby Alive Baby Doll: Gets a Boo-Boo and Baby Alive Tickles n Cuddles

Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid Doll Ocean Seabreeze Includes:
1 Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid Doll
1 Bottle of bubble solution with cup
1 pet octopus
1 nozzle

Barbie the Pearl Princess doll by Mattel is motivated by Barbie’s latest movie, Barbie The Pearl Princess with articulated waists allow for sitting, swimming and fun. Dolls have elegant ombre tails and fins, beautiful pearl accents and tiaras.

Cra-Z-Sand Mermaid Playset: Molds easily so you can create underwater fantasy adventures! Mold colorful treasure chest with sparkling gems. Make a glittery mermaid, shimmering fish and Hermit crab. The special 3 in 1 Sand Toll molds, scoops and shapes. Create waves, beach scenes and more! Cra-Z-Sand never dries out – Make Sparkling Sand Adventures over and over!

Cra-Z-Sand Space Playset: Mold a coll rocket or glowing space ship. Make a space captain and a glowing alien friend. Use the special 3 in 1 sand tool to create craters, tracks and footsteps on the moon. Cra-Z-Sand never dries out – Make Glowing Outer Space Magic Adventures over and over!

How to Play Baby Alive Baby Gets a Boo-Boo:
Open and close the bandage on her knee until her boo-boo diapers.
Put on pretend ointment.
Put on bandage stickers.
To change diaper: Remove diaper and wipe doll clean with a soft, damp cloth. Put on a new diaper and fasten securely.

How to Play Baby Alive Tickles n Cuddles:
Press tummy or left foot. She shakes her rattle. Calm her with her bottle.

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