Cat Finger Family Nursery Rhymes | Nursery Rhymes Collection And Kids Songs by HooplaKidz

Published on May 17, 2017 by tubikids

Meow! Cute Cats are here!!! Meow along to the Cutest ever CAT Finger Family Song along with many more Nursery Rhymes, super WOW collection for Children by HooplaKidz!

(00:00) Cat Finger Family
(01:00) Panda Finger Family
(02:17) Three little kittens
(05:09) Bath song
(07:17) Car song
(10:01) Robot Finger Family
(12:04) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
(14:16) Annie Ben and Mango Theme song
(15:35) Old Mac Donald had a Farm
(18:14) Bee Finger Family
(20:30) Wheels On The Bus Adventures
(23:36) Bus Finger Family
(24:32) Five little ducks
(26:54) Animal Fair
(28:28) Rock a bye baby
(30:39) Rig a jig
(32:23) Penguin song
(33:54) 12345 Once I caught a Fish Alive
(35:08) 12 buckle my shoe
(36:09) Pat a cake
(37:36) Little Miss Muffet
(38:46) Mr. Sun
(41:30) Animals 2×2
(46:29) Months of the year
(49:36) One potato
(51:19) A wise old owl
(52:32) Where is thumbkin
(54:56) Hush little baby


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