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Published on June 2, 2017 by tubikids

Once upon a time there lived a color monster who stole all the lovely colors from the children’s playground. Just when they thought their holidays were ruined, came a friend who helped them bring back the colors. Do you want to know who their saviors was? None other that Bob, the Train. Join Bob and his friends in this adventure in land of magical crayons, where everything comes to life! Have fun!

Kids! Can you imagine a world without the lovely colors? No blue sky. No yellow sun. No green grass in the park to play on. It would be a disaster! Unfortunately, in the land of rhymes where our friends live, their worst nightmare came true. They woke up one day to find all the bright colors wiped off from their land. Taken away by the Color Monster!
But little did the evil color monster know, our friends are best friends with Bob, The Train. And like always, Bob is there to help the children and save the day! With his magical coloring book and crayons, watch how the children bring their lovely playground back to life. Nothing is impossible when Bob, The Train is around! Hurrah for Bob!

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