Birthday Surprise | Learn Colors for Kids with Fun Toys and Vehicles by Brain Candy TV

Published on June 24, 2016 by tubikids

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Yay, it’s our birthday! In this video we’ll learn about colors as we open our colorful birthday presents with the following toy vehicles of matching colors:

– A green toy helicopter: 0:44
– An orange toy backhoe: 1:43
– A red toy fire truck: 3:06
– A blue toy transport truck: 4:27
– A yellow toy bulldozer: 5:30
– And a purple toy airplane: 6:44

Kids will also improve their spacial reasoning as we assemble the various parts of the toy vehicles. I hope you and your preschool and kindergarten kids enjoy learning their colours with our fun birthday-themed video!

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This video is transcribed for the hearing impaired and for translation into any language – perfect for learning English and for ESL students.

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