Best of Things That Fly – Compilation | Crafty Carol Crafts, Drew Pendous, Superheroes & More!

Published on June 22, 2016 by tubikids

So many different things fly. Things like superheroes, bees, witches, dragons and so many more. Watch 54 minutes of the best things that fly.

Superhero Jetpack Craft | Drew Pendous | A Cool School Craft with Crafty Carol –
What is a Witch? Kids Wiki Explains –
Bat Bat: A Halloween Nursery Rhyme –
DRAGONS! – Wiki for Kids (Cool School) –
How to Make Your Dragon! Crafts for Kids at Cool School –
Horses & Ponies & Unicorns! Wiki for Kids: Magical Horses of Legend –
Pirates and Parrots and Peter Pan! “Show and Tell” at Cool School –
Superheroes & Super Powers | Wiki for Kids at Cool School –
Peter Pan – New Story – GabeBabeTV on The Story Circle –
Maya The Bee – Bee Kite Craft | Crafts for Kids with Crafty Carol at Cool School –
Superhero Pencil Toppers – Batman & Superman | A Cool School Craft w/ Crafty Carol –
The Adventures of the Flying Gorilla | A Cool School & BIC Story by Kirpa Kaur –
Halloween Bat Candy Bucket | Arts & Crafts with Crafty Carol at Cool School –
DIY Reindeer & Snowman Cupcakes – Edible Craft | A Cool School Craft with Crafty Carol & Ms. Booksy –

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